Aero-One Aviation at Dothan airport joins global network of high-quality service stations

January 16, 2020

An aviation service station at the Dothan Regional Airport just became a distinguished location for air traffic by earning a prestigious global classification.

The fixed-base operator Aero-One Aviation, which primarily handles services associated with private flight travel, was recently invited to join the Air Elite Network, a system of independently owned fixed-base operators worldwide that collectively uphold consistently high standards of service.

“We have a great team of people with work with us and work for us,” general manager Scott Capehart said of the honor. “Our success is extraordinary customer service and Southern hospitality.”

Aero-One is a full-service station employing 17 people, mostly line service technicians who fuel planes and handle bags, and customer service representatives. It provides customer service, seven hangar spaces for chartered aircraft, fueling, booking rental cars and hotels for guests, and hospitality services for pilots during their stay.

The Air Elite has strict service expectations and locations are audited to assure service dedication remains at the highest level with minimum standards to assure consistency across all locations. These elements focus on customer experience and comfort.

As one of only 76 distinguished locations worldwide, Aero-One is leveraged to become a favored location for travelers planning their flight.

The station already averages about 40 planes of varying capacities every day. Most of the planes carry military personnel or people coming through Dothan to conduct business.

“There are a lot of companies that have closed their deals either in this building or coming through this building,” Capehart said.

He said the success of the 10-year-old FBO is due in no small part to the close partnership with the Dothan Regional Airport, something Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce President Matt Parker hailed as an economic engine for the area.

“We couldn’t ask for a better fixed-base operator to be located at the airport. The team at Aero-One Aviation exceeds all expectations with regard to accountability, professionalism, and customer service,” said Adam Hartzog, Dothan Regional Airport director.

Analyzing data from 2017, an economic impact study found that the airport had about a $50 million yearly total economic impact in a 30-mile radius.

When time is money, it’s important for corporate leaders and managers interested in coming into a particular market area to be able to rely on having a nice FBO and general aviation facility, Parker said.

“That brings a lot of people into your market. Outside of stimulating more activity at the airport, the fact that Aero-One has achieved this success could bring in more pass-through traffic which can have more implications long term,” he said. “It puts us on the map.”